Hey y’all! It’s taken a bit, but we’ve got the basics together for our website. Mostly it contains a gallery of images for the pieces we’ve made, in addition to Facebook and Etsy links, but it’s the first step towards having a more centralized space for us to reach out to those who appreciate what we make. We’ll be revamping some of the pages as we go and including a few more pieces on our Etsy shop, so keep an eye out for a future post on that.

As an opener for the blog posts / social media blasts, here’s a pen that Marc recently made! His mother recently took a woodworking class to make a cutting board and had a slim piece of the board leftover. Taking some inspiration from a previous project, he cut some additional Purpleheart, sectioned up the leftover piece of cutting board, and did some gluing and turning to make an excellent birthday gift.